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Green Globe certifies Rosewood Tucker´s Point in Bermuda

Green Globe certifies Rosewood Tucker´s Point in Bermuda

Green Globe today announced certification of Rosewood Tucker´s Point in Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean. The hotel is the only Green Globe-certified property in Bermuda and the first one of Rosewood Hotels&Resorts to be certified. Rosewood Tucker´s Point scored in all areas – economic, social, and ecological sustainability, including cultural heritage.

The hotel features Bermuda´s largest thermal solar hot water system with solar panels on the roof of its Golf Clubhouse. Rosewood Tucker´s Point also uses solar-powered golf carts for transportation on the resort and operates its own wastewater treatment plant and a seawater reverse osmosis system to produce its own water, treat all used water, and reuse it on site. All discharge water throughout the 240-acre resort, including over 60 estate homes, goes to the treatment plant and is reclaimed and diverted to a two-million-gallon pond that is used to irrigate the golf course. In addition, a rainwater collection and storage system captures up to 2.5 million gallons of rainwater and provides water for the residential buildings, the guest rooms, the Golf Clubhouse, the staff dormitory, the golf villas, and corporate offices on the property.

Green Globe Certification´s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “We are extremely proud to have worked with Rosewood Tucker´s Point. All sustainable initiatives meet or exceed the requirements of the Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Tourism and Travel, and the resort´s Facilitation Management and Green Team have worked incredibly hard. This hotel truly sets a high standard for other properties in Bermuda to follow in its footsteps. Not only energy, water, and waste management are excellent, but everyone at the resort ‘thinks green,’ creating an all-around green workplace, and doing everything possible to protect the environment, flora, and fauna.”

“Besides having its own nursery for plants, Rosewood Tucker´s Point helps preserve the Yellowwood, one of Bermuda´s rarest trees,” explained Mr. Bauer, “In working with landscapers, the hotel staff has created a few areas on hotel premises where it grows this rare Yellowwood to keep the species alive. Tucker´s Point also supports the endangered species of bluebirds, which are nowadays completely dependent on special nesting boxes for their survival. The resort provides more than 30 of those boxes, which at the same time serve as the 150 yard markers on the property´s golf course,” continued Mr. Bauer.

Rosewood Tucker´s Point has its own biofuel/biodiesel production plant, which uses waste vegetable oil (WVO) from the commercial kitchens throughout the resort, as well as WVO stock from a select group of suppliers on the island. The plant produces around 120 gallons of high-grade biodiesel per day, which is then used for the diesel-powered vehicles on the property. The hotel conducts facility tours for local school children and guests to present the technology and raise awareness about ecological issues.


Kevin Lanthier, Vice President of Facilities Management at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, said: “The Green Globe Certification reinforces Rosewood Hotels´ commitment to be the best that it can be, not only for its guests, but for the environment and community we operate in. I suggested to choose Green Globe versus other accreditations, because it doesn´t have a cap on its ratings. Other certification systems do follow-up to monitor improvements, but once you reach the highest rating, you can´t go any further. Green Globe is different, it holds you to task. Every year you have to show improvement in sustainable operations. This was clearly our way to go.”

Rosewood Tucker´s Point´s commitment is also reflected in the education of staff, guests, and the community: information in guest rooms explains the hotel´s sustainability achievements and makes guests aware of the need to preserve water and energy and protect the environment. Guests can leave special cards on their beds to have their linens washed every other day. Tucker´s Point Magazine and a DVD also informs guests about local culture and how to help preserve the historic Core&Shell– previously called Castle Harbor – close by the hotel.

“With its sustainable operations, Rosewood Tucker´s Point still ensures the highest quality of services, which extends to its concierge services for the residential community on site,” explained Mr. Bauer, “Clients can choose a monthly ‘basket of services’ or may simply call in with a specific request – and a concierge will take excellent care of everything. Services include vehicle inspection and licensing, car wash, collection of mail, and grocery delivery. Tucker´s Point also conducts guest surveys online, and with the resort becoming a Rosewood Resort, quality standards are even higher – and employee training has improved.”

Mr. Lanthier explained: “Rosewood Hotels implemented its cross-training philosophy and established a training program for Tucker´s Point through which many staff members have traveled to New York, Dallas, California, and Antigua to train at a sister property and gain experience in a different environment. This exposure has led to operational improvements in 2011 and continues to do so this year.”