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Valley Metro’s Central Mesa extension

Valley Metro’s Central Mesa extension

Metro received local and regional approval in 2009 to move forward with a 3.1-mile light rail extension in central Mesa on Main Street from Sycamore to Mesa Drive including four station locations and a park-and-ride facility.

In August 2010, the Central Mesa extension was approved to enter into Project Development by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Entrance into Project Development signaled the beginning of the project’s design phase as well the first step in receiving federal approval and ultimately federal funds for the project. The project will be built using a mix of regional Proposition 400 funds and federal grant dollars. City of Mesa is responsible for the operating funds.

In addition, METRO has completed an environmental assessment for the Central Mesa extension to document any potential environmental impacts of the project and received a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) from the FTA. The FONSI signifies METRO has complied with all federal environmental laws.  Download the environmental documents for more information.

Current Status

In March, METRO selected Valley Transit Constructors (VTC), a Kiewit/Mass. Joint Venture, as the Design-Build contractor following an extensive procurement process and METRO Board approval.  Parsons Transportation Group, also part of the team, will serve as lead designer. In addition, all three team leads—Kiewit, Mass Electric and Parsons Transportation Group—successfully worked on the current 20-mile light rail line and projects of this size across the country.


Valley Transit Constructors is in development of a construction schedule to be reviewed with the community in April. Construction activities could begin in late May. The first construction activity is utility relocation. A network of underground and overhead utility lines provides services to customers. Those utilities located under the future light rail trackway must be relocated to maintain access. Download the Central Mesa Utility Relocation Fact Sheet and the Pre-Construction Public Meeting Presentation for more information on this activity.

Business assistance programs are now available. METRO in coordination with the City of Mesa and community partners have developed a wide array of business assistance programs to provide businesses with the resources to stay well-positioned during the construction phase. To learn about the programs and start taking advantage of these programs, download the Central Mesa Business Assistance Brochure.

Next steps

As initial construction activity begins, final design will continue to progress. METRO and City of Mesa will continue to solicit community input throughout the design process.