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Finnair, Helsinki Airport strive for quality

Finnair, Helsinki Airport strive for quality

Finnair and Helsinki Airport have commenced a search for seven Quality Hunters, to be given the task of travelling between Europe, Asia and the United States.

The aim, with the help of these experts drawn from the public, will be to make Helsinki’sairport and flight connections even smoother and more convenient.

Last year, Finnair hired 4 Quality Hunters to investigate the theme of quality in travel. This was an unparalleled success, and continues with a much-expanded follow-up for 2011, with Helsinki Airport now also committed to the relentless strive for quality.

The Quality Hunters, following an intensive recruitment process, will observe, evaluate, report on, and develop the flight and transfer experience as offered by Finnair and Helsinki Airport. This will lead to development ideas and concepts to be developed in the near future, bolstering an already exemplary travel experience.

The seven successful applicants will fulfil their role over seven weeks, observing seven categories of service quality. Each will publish a blog describing their various activities, and all material will be posted on the web site. Visitors to the site will be encouraged to set tasks for the Quality Hunters, make comments and share their opinions. Participants on the site will also have the chance to win intercontinental VIP Finnair flights via Helsinki.


Jarkko Konttinen, Finnair’s Vice President, Global Brand & Marketing Communications, commented that “As a part of renewing our entire service identity, we want to go even further on charting the black spots of travel and finding creative solutions to resolve them. We expect this initiative to result in more convenient travelling concepts and to support Finnair’s constant aim of offering passengers peace of mind.”

“We want to be able to offer passengers something more than just a transfer. It is in our interests to hear from them how to make their time at the airport enjoyable,” added Johanna Metsälä, Helsinki Airport’s Customer Experience Manager.