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Estonian Air starts flights between Tartu and Tallinn

Estonian Air starts flights between Tartu and Tallinn

Estonian Air launched flights on the Tartu-Tallinn route. Early morning flights from Tartu to Tallinn are operated six times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Late evening flights from Tallinn to Tartu are operated on the same days, with the exception on weekends, when Saturday flights are operated on Sundays instead. The flights are operated with the 33-seater SAAB 340, the flight time is 45 minutes.

“For Estonian Air, beside the numerous international connections, the opening of a short route might be a relatively small step, but for the people of Tartu and whole South-Estonia it is very important, as it will significantly facilitate their travelling possibilities,” said Deputy Mayor of Tartu Margus Hanson at the ceremonial reception of the inauguration flight at Tartu Ülenurme airport.

„The early flights from Tartu enable taking connecting flights to Scandinavian and European cities and to arrive to the destinations in the first half of the day. The late evening flight to Tartu creates good connections from different direct flights to Tallinn so that passengers can return home the same day,“ said Rauno Parras, Vice President Commercial of Estonian Air.

On the inauguration flight from Tallinn to Tartu, which was 100% sold out, flew a group of law enforcement officials, who tested different means of public transportation in Tartu and Tallinn and ended their trip with celebration of the opening of Tallinn-Tartu route at Tartu Ülenurme Airport. „The aim of our event was to draw attention to the advantages of using public transportation“, explained Ottomar Virk, law enforcement official from Tartu. „Maintaining the security during the entire journey, we covered 450 kilometers, got a nice rest and spent a good time together. Adding also the fact, that thanks to Estonian Air and Tartu Airport from now on 150 European destinations are accessible to and from Tartu,“ added Virk.

For passengers starting their flight from Tartu and continuing flights with Estonian Air one-way fares from Tartu to Tallinn are 23.97 euros. The one-way fare for travelling only on the Tallinn-Tartu route starts from 27.6 euros, if purchased from, including all fees and taxes, subject to availability. For passengers arriving to Tallinn with any Estonian Air direct flight and continuing their flight from Tallinn to Tartu one-way fares are 27 euros.