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ESPA Life at Corinthia partners with VIVA Mayr Clinic

ESPA Life at Corinthia partners with VIVA Mayr Clinic

ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel London is partnering with the Austrian-based VIVA Mayr Clinic from June 2014 onwards to maintain its leading position in the spa and medical wellness world.  By offering top-of-the-range treatments, including Applied Kinesiology testing and vitamin supplementation, Corinthia London and ESPA are taking their commitment of total well-being to a new level.  The offering will be known as ESPA Life VIVA Med.

This partnership promises to revolutionise the metropolis’ concepts of well-being and natural ageing, as Corinthia London is to be the city’s first hotel with its own wide range of therapies to combine with Mayr philosophies, and access to the Doctors behind the famous clinic in Austria.

ESPA Life at Corinthia has already established itself as cutting-edge in bringing together wellness therapies provided by its team of expert naturopaths, dieticians, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports masseurs, personal fitness trainers, and beauty therapists.  Vitamin supplementation is also used to boost a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  Planned supplementation can be used to help with – among others – liver detoxification, adrenal gland insufficiency, and histamine intolerance.

The founders of VIVA Mayr Clinic, Drs. Christine and Harald Stossier (both qualified general practitioners), will be available at ESPA Life at Corinthia from June, for 60 minute individual medical consultations. Including detailed Applied Kinesiology (AK) muscle testing, Orthomolecular testing, advice on nutrition, diet, lifestyle and recommended complementary treatments.

All these therapies will be offered over and above ESPA Life’s existing acupuncture, slimming, detox, biological age reduction, fertility, post- and pre-natal treatments, revolutionary lifestyle programmes and wide range of beauty and massage treatments.


The personalised ESPA Life VIVA Med treatment plans are all based on the Modern Mayr Medical Philosophy, a fasting and intestinal cleansing programme developed by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr at the turn of the last century. The Drs. Stossier believe that proper care of the digestive system – eating the correct foods in the correct way – avoids illnesses and modern ailments, and ensures prolonged vitality. “Toxins in the digestive tract erode our health and contribute to us becoming old and unattractive before our time,” wrote Dr. Franz Mayer in his 1920 book.  In short, better digestion results in longer and better living.

Sue Harmsworth, Founder and CEO of ESPA says: “Our revolutionary generation of spa, spread over four floors and covering 3,300 square metres at Corinthia London, advocates a wellness concept based on prevention and lifestyle so our partnership with VIVA Mayr is a perfect marriage of philosophies.”

Matthew Dixon, Corinthia London’s General Manager says: “Our guests come from all over the world and live demanding lifestyles.  The leading hotels of today will win over guests’ loyalty if they can demonstrate a true appreciation of guest welfare and wellness.  Our hotel offering is not just about a five-star hotel and all luxury facilities, it’s also about the genuine care and consideration for our guests which is rooted in Corinthia Hotels’ ethos which we call the ‘Craftsmanship of Care’.”