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easyJet Holidays reports Egypt ‘bounce-back’

easyJet Holidays reports Egypt ‘bounce-back’

Holidaymakers are once again looking at Egypt as a potential holiday destination after its recent troubles.

Following Egypt’s move towards democracy, the easyJet Holidays website is reporting a strong increase in sales with traffic continuing to bounce back to pre-revolution interest levels.

Mandy Round, general manger commented: “While there was a temporary drop in bookings following the troubles, you can see a spike in interest that coincided with the elections in May and it has continued to thrive.

“It is not surprising that the destination remains resilient as it offers year-round sunshine, quality hotels and well as the cultural aspects and some of the best diving in the world.”

Although easyJet’s airline seat sales were maintained over the period of the revolution, tour operator sales across the industry were impacted.

The easyJet Holidays website saw interest levels spike in January when Egypt was the top selling destination, taking an eight per cent share of the business.

The site is now reporting an increase in traffic to its Egypt pages of ten per cent in May when the country came back into the headlines because of the elections and a further 20 per cent during June.

Traffic to its ‘2012 Holidays in Egypt’ page saw a staggering increase of almost 300 per cent from May to June.

The recovery continues with the first ten days of July seeing an increase in traffic and bookings over the same period up by more than 15 per cent year-on-year.

Sharm El Sheikh which suffered less disruption than other areas of the country is also seeing steady web traffic increases growing by 30 per cent and 20 per cent for May and June respectively.