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Dhradhul to lead Tourism Council of Bhutan

Dhradhul to lead Tourism Council of Bhutan

Dorji Dhradhul has joined the Tourism Council of Bhutan as director general.

Prior to joining the organisation, Dhradhul served as dzongda (chief administrator) of Gasa District.

During his tenure he spearheaded the Good to Great Gasa programme, initiating many important programmes.

Two of the key programmes were the Royal Highland Festival and Laya Run, which benefited rural communities and the tourism industry.

He served as the founding director of the department of agriculture marketing and cooperatives and founding registrar of the cooperatives of Bhutan.


The Tourism Council of Bhutan adheres to a policy of high value, low impact tourism.

The government of Bhutan recognises that tourism, in affording the opportunity to travel, can help in promoting understanding among people and building closer ties of friendship based on appreciation and respect for different cultures and lifestyles.