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THAI Announces Board Meeting Results

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited held a Board of Directors’ Meeting, chaired by Mr. Thanong Bidaya, THAI’s Chairman, with the following results:

1. THAI’s Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting no. 1/2003—THAI’s Board of Directors approved the date for the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting no. 1/2003, which will take place on Tuesday, 2 September 2003 at 13.30 hours in the Auditorium at THAI’s Head Office, with the date established to close the register and suspend the transfer of shares for the purpose of determining the right to attend the meeting as from 12.00 hours on 14 August 2003 until THAI’s Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting no. 1/2003 comes to an end.Ê Agenda items include approval to proceed with the issuance and the offering of debentures in Thai baht and/or in other equivalent currency at not over THB 40,000 million baht within 5 years.

2. Refurbishing Business and Economy Class Seats for Boeing 777-200 Aircraft—THAI’s Board of Directors agreed to select Business and Economy Class seats for Boeing 777-200 aircraft in accordance to the proposal put forth by the Subcommittee on Purchasing Aircraft Seats, which negotiated the price as follows:Ê Economy Class seat selection was approved for Recaro Company and Business Class seat selection was approved for B/E Aerospace, based on two main points being technical qualities
and consideration of price.

The redesign of THAI’s Business and Economy Class seats on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft at a total of 8 aircraft of this type will be based on a new design created for increased passenger comfort.Ê The aircraft seat arrangement for Business Class will be 2-2-2, enabling seat recline at 165 degree.Ê Economy Class aircraft seat arrangement will be 3-3-3 replacing the 3-4-3 seat arrangement, making travel on this aircraft type
more comfortable and spacious for passengers.

The airline has begun to refurbish the seats on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft, with completion expected within 12-15 months.