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South Africa tipped for top spot in 2009

British Airways predicts South Africa will be the top flight destination in 2009, citing the value for money of currencies including the Pound and the Euro against the Rand, as well as the forthcoming Lions tour.
Johannesburg is expected to be a firm favourite, along with Cape Town.
Other popular destinations include: Dubai, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, St Kitts, St Lucia, Sydney and Shanghai.

BA head of UK and Ireland sales Richard Tams said: “It’s not all doom
and gloom for travel in the current economic climate as destinations such
as Dubai and the Caribbean Islands of St Kitts and St Lucia continue to
experience growth and investment, so we anticipate greater numbers of
customers wanting to travel there.”

He goes on to say: “South Africa will be popular thanks to the relative
strength of the pound against the rand and the upcoming British Lions

“Destinations such as New York will remain firm favourites with both
business and leisure travelers despite the economic downturn as savvy
fliers know there are still bargains to be had and the Far East and
Australasia continue to draw people looking for real adventure