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Silverjet launches loyalty scheme in Mid East

Business travellers between Dubai and London now have an extra incentive to receive premium service at a great value via an innovative loyalty programme from Silverjet, the British airline which began daily flights between the two cities in November. In a first for the airline industry, Silverjet is offering a unique complimentary flight initiative called ‘The Silverjet Set’ which rewards companies with a free flight for every ten purchased.

The programme was launched after Silverjet surveyed its small and medium sized enterprise (SMW) customers to identify the most common complaints of existing loyalty schemes. Rather than operate an accumulative point system which is assigned to an individual flyer, free flights are awarded to the business and can be taken by any employee.

In addition, ‘The Silverjet Set’ also provides the means to book, track, report on, manage, and change flight bookings. Each business that registers for the programme will enjoy a dedicated support team, and regular travellers are able to build up and store individual profiles and preferences. Silverjet Set members will also have access to exclusive offers from the airline.

‘Silverjet has huge appeal to business not only because of the private jet experience our service provides to their employees, but also because we can offer enormous savings on flights,’ said Lawrence Hunt, CEO of Silverjet, comments.

He added: ‘We wanted to create a loyalty programme that rewards our regular business travellers while delivering real benefits to the bottom line,’ added Hunt. ‘Not only will employees enjoy their travel experience and arrive at their destination ready to do business when travelling with Silverjet, but companies will now benefit even more by receiving substantial savings on flights, time and resources with The Silverjet Set.’


With its inaugural flight less than a month ago, Silverjet offers a unique flight experience and is the only commercial carrier in the world to use Dubai’s Executive Terminal.