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Katrina Employee Fund Set up

Highpointe Hotel Corporation, a Gulf Breeze, Florida-based company that operates five Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn and Suites properties in New Orleans, announced today it has created the “Hampton Inns of New Orleans Employee Relief Fund.”Ê The fund, established through Whitney Bank in Pensacola, Florida, will accept donations for hotel employees and their families who were affected by Hurricane Katrina, and assist them by providing resources for food and shelter until area properties are able to reopen.
The Relief Fund carries a 501(c) (3) designation and assures 100 percent of donations will go directly to affected employees.Ê Highpointe company executives request that if you are able to contribute yourself, or know of anyone who would like to help the victims of Katrina, please send cash or checks payable to “Hampton Inns of New Orleans Employee Relief Fund” to: Whitney Bank, 101 West Garden Street, Pensacola, FL, 32502, “Attention: Hampton Inns of New Orleans Relief Fund.Ê Monies may also be sent to any Whitney Bank branch.
Darryl Lapointe, President of Highpointe, said, “Hurricane Katrina had a devastating impact on our 300 employees and their families in New Orleans.Ê It is our hope that this fund will help them by meeting their immediate needs for food, shelter and the money to begin rebuilding their disrupted lives.”Ê Lapointe explained that Highpointe has been inundated with calls with requests for help from staff whose families are living in cars, overcrowded shelters and in dangerously flooded houses.Ê “These people have been deprived of even the most basic requirements of food, water and clothing. ÊUntil our staff’s homes are safe and livable and our hotels reopen, these people will continue to be in dire need of our support.”
The management and staff of Highpointe Hotels Corporation sends its heartfelt gratitude to anyone who is able to help the people so affected by this disaster.Ê Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.