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Emirates Seminar Attracts Top Names

Emirates has reaffirmed its commitment to
leading-edge procedures in aviation safety, by bringing together in Dubai
some of the world’s top aviation specialists for the ‘Required Navigation
Performance’ (RNP) Approach Seminar.Over 200 delegates, many representing civil aviation authorities and
airports across the world, attended the seminar which sought to increase
awareness and implementation of instrument approach procedures that take
advantage of ‘Required Navigation Performance’ (RNP) runway-aligned
approaches, using the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system.

When used, the approaches may achieve significant improvements in safety,
regularity and payload.

Emirates has been an industry leader in the use of the GPS system which, in
association with the UAE’ General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and Dubai
Civil Aviation (DCA), resulted in the introduction of GPS approaches at
Dubai International Airport several years ago.

In his opening speech, the President of DCA and Emirates’ Chairman, HH
Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, said: “In Emirates, we are always looking
for better ways to operate our aircraft and to further improve safety and
efficiency.  RNP approaches are definitely something that interests us,
since they will reduce risk, improve efficiency and assist flight
punctuality and can have a beneficial environmental effect.

“The day is in sight when suitably equipped aircraft will be able to land,
automatically on virtually any runway in the world, using RNP concepts.
This is a most exciting prospect and will make significant and positive
inroads into the efficiency of our industry.” 


In a comprehensive keynote Speech, Steve Fulton, Chief Technical Officer
Naverus, explained how important the adoption of RNP-based procedures were
becoming to further enhance the safety and efficiency of commercial
aviation.  “There are many locations where the model is being implemented
and this seminar has the ability to accelerate the change that is taking
place,” he said.

Making closing remarks for the conference was Don Bateman, Chief Engineer of
Flight Safety Systems at Honeywell, who is acknowledged as the inventor of
the Ground Proximity Warning System, installed in civilian aircraft
worldwide and responsible for saving many thousands of lives.

Captain Tim Jenkins, Emirates’ Vice President Flight Safety, said: “The
purpose of holding this seminar was to raise the awareness of key personnel
in civil aviation authorities and airports, in the capabilities of
navigation systems installed in modern aircraft, such as the types operated
by Emirates. 

“We assembled a group consisting of some of the best RNP experts in the
World and they delivered some excellent presentations, filled with key facts
and examples of how these systems can be exploited to further improve safety
and operating efficiency, plus reducing environmental impact, such as
aircraft noise in local communities adjacent to airports.”