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Phone Chargers Are Now a Worry of the Past

Most travelers know all too well that terrible feeling you get when you realize your cell phone battery is low, and you’ve accidentally left your charger at home. Whether you are on your first trip or your 223rd, it’s happened to almost every traveler. Thankfully, Hilton Garden Inn has come to the rescue by announcing its offering of the PowerMobile universal cell phone battery charger in every Pavilion Pantry across North America—effective today—making Hilton Garden Inn the first hotel brand in the mid-priced category to offer the forgotten charger solution to guests.“Being away from home and suddenly realizing you’ve forgotten to pack your cell phone charger is one of the biggest frustrations travelers face—after all, cell phones are one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues and stay productive while on the road,” said Mark Nogal, vice president - marketing for Hilton Garden Inn. “Having the ability to purchase a universal cell phone charger at our hotels is another example of how the Hilton Garden Inn brand is staying ahead of the evolving needs of business and leisure travelers, while delivering value and convenience to our guests.”

The solution of offering the PowerMobile universal cell battery phone charger came about as a result of the first annual Hilton Garden Inn “Ask the Traveler” survey released last September, in which 31 percent of guest respondents cited cell phone chargers as the item most forgotten while traveling for business. The survey was administered at two Hilton Garden Inn properties as a beta test to gauge the likes and dislikes of business travelers, and offered insights and opportunities for the Hilton Garden Inn brand to be proactive in providing solutions to travelers’ needs and preferences.

“We, at Hilton Garden Inn, are focused on offering hotel amenities and ‘extras’ our guests have said they need and want most while traveling,” said Nogal. “Whether it’s the availability to purchase a cell phone charger in our Pavilion Pantry or complimentary secure remote printing to our 24-hour business center, we are committed to providing guests everything they need to ensure a comfortable and productive stay.”