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Pegasus Signs Up Trans Atlantic-Customers

Pegasus Solutions has signed up three new customers for its electronic distribution service:Ê Russell Hotel Reservations, Ventura s.p.a. and Expovision.Ê Russell Hotel Reservations (RHR) is a fast-growing corporate hotel booking agency with offices throughout the U.K.Ê The company was launched earlier this year at the Business Travel Show in London and has seen rapid expansion with the growth of its corporate business.Ê With Pegasus technology, RHR powers bookings through its call center, as well as for its corporate clients through intranets.

“We evaluated several options for access to real-time bookings,” said Ben Smart, managing director for Russell Hotel Reservations.Ê “Pegasus offered the largest database and the best service.Ê Through this technology, our call center and our corporate clients have a wide selection of hotels, with real-time access to rates, inventory and property information.”

Ventura is based in Milan, with four other locations in Italy and 150 employees.Ê It serves the business travel, leisure travel and meetings and incentive travel markets.Ê Ventura’s primary shareholder is ACI, the Automobile Club Italia.Ê Pegasus provides Ventura with a seamless interface—connecting its Web site with its back-office software.Ê Ventura has a broad range of corporate customers, and with Pegasus technology it now can serve these customers better by booking negotiated corporate rates in real time.Ê Ventura is also a member of Pegasus’ commission processing services.

Based in Falls Church, Virginia, Expovision, Inc. specializes in group bookings and convention housing.Ê Pegasus’ technology enhances the company’s own Expobook technology for real-time reservations, which allows event exhibitors and attendees to book, change and cancel their reservations online.Ê Expovision has already completed several successful uploads of its bookings at convention hotels.



Gideon Dean, senior vice president of sales for Pegasus, said:Ê “This new group of customers represents the wide range of needs that our electronic distribution service can meet.Ê These implementations also bring new sources of bookings for our participating hotel customers.”