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It’s a Puzzle for Kids to Order Food at Ana Mandara Resort!

A novel approach to kid’s menus has been introduced at Ana Mandara Resort & Spa in Nha Trang, Vietnam, bringing fun to food ordering.The menu comes in the form of a wooden puzzle, which lists many favorites and healthy options presented in a fun format. It was created by Executive Chef Jim Tawa and his team.

The new menu consists of a wooden base board into which young diners can slot individual dishes and then small wooden plugs that customize each dish. Chef Jim admits that he was inspired by the world famous ‘Ravensburger Puzzle’.

The puzzle not only serves as a menu, it also becomes an educational game while they choose their favorites - from cheese and ham on toast to chicken nuggets and spaghetti, and pizzas with kids’ favorite toppings. It also allows the young diners to be creative with their dishes, because after all, it is their vacation! Parents who want to take a hand in the decision making process can do the ordering then have their children piece together the menu that has been ordered for them.

Ana Mandara’s new puzzle menu for kids is available at the resorts’ beach restaurant at lunch and dinner.