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Eden Rock St. Bart’s will be open for Christmas following major refurb

Eden Rock, the Relais & Chateaux resort on St Barthelemy, will re-open before Christmas after the completion of a major refurbishment.The resort, considered by many to be one of the top three in the world, has been closed since the spring. ÊWhen it opens its doors again in mid-December it will feature, amongst other additions, a new luxury suite to be named ‘The Howard Hughes Loft’ (named after a legendary ex-client) - the design of which is described as ‘edgy’ by James Utting of the project’s London architects Benoy. The airy loft, of about 1500 square feet in size, has been constructed on top of the iconic main house at Eden Rock and offers one of the Caribbean’s most outstanding views over the Baie de St Jean with its coral reefs and blue seas.

The resort’s famous Greta Garbo suite, used by the reclusive film star under her alias of Harriet Brown, has been refurbished in a style which, according to English proprietor David Matthews is “wonderfully over-the-top reflecting the classic Garbo Hollywood era”. ÊMuch use has been made of azure coloured silk voile curtaining which, at night, surrounds the beautifully made hard-wood bed complete with its white deer skin bed head, while a contemporary design has been assembled for the suite’s exquisite bathroom.

Eden Rock’s two restaurants - the haute cuisine ‘On-The-Rocks’ for dinner and the ‘Sand Bar’ for lunch - have been re-designed as have the resort’s kitchens. Guests in both restaurants will have views into the kitchen areas and may watch top French chef Jean-Claude Dufour and his team at work producing the world-class food for which Eden Rock is so well known.

Part of the canal which runs alongside the resort linking an inland lagoon to the sea is being transformed into what resembles a scene within a small South of France fishing village. A new Art Gallery has been added and guests will be encouraged, if they wish, to use their painting skills to capture the outstanding views all around. The Rock Shop is opening for sales of couture clothes and these garment ranges, in time, will be offered for sale external to St Barths and will begin the process of branding the name ‘Eden Rock - St Barths’ more broadly.

More or less all of the resort’s back-of-house services and plant and equipment have been moved away to an area beside the lagoon out of sight and sound of guests.


David Matthews said “Increasingly St Barths has become a truly world class destination which encourages the Eden Rock Group of Companies to continue investing in this famous hotel”.