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New Molton Brown Spa Opens in Ireland

Luxury lifestyle expert Molton Brown announces the launch of the latest Molton Brown concept spa -a new destination spa in Ireland.  Located at the Killarney Plaza Hotel in the beautiful countryside of County Kerry, the spa will be a therapy centre unlike any other.  Featuring a black mosaic pool therapy garden, an ‘earth, fire and water’ pod and a range of exclusive Molton Brown therapies, the spa is designed to restart the self and free the mind.Following on from the acclaimed Molton Brown Travel Spas, the St Barths Spa and the Molton Brown Day Spa in Kent, the Killarney Plaza Hotel Spa is the result of an ongoing collaboration with Jean-Paul Blissett, one of the worlds leading spa designers.  The first of a select number of Molton Brown Spa Franchises being developed, the doors will open to hotel guests and members of the public in July 2004.

The Molton Brown spa philosophy aims to take clients on a journey to reinstate rhythm and harmony in body, spirit and mind.  During the experience, the outside world is paused while clients are taken through a series of stream breathing techniques, (which can be practiced at home), and a sensory journey commences. 

The Environment

Stepping into the spa transports the individual away from their world.  Designed to appeal to men and women equally, the interior is a 470 square metre open space, housing single therapy pods and installations.  This is sensory deprivation in its most positive sense: bathed in healing light with cocoon-like isolation,  therapy pods help guests to focus on internal forces rather than external; taking them out of their mindstate and into a place where the senses of smell and touch are most dominant.  Here the brain has a chance to power down and truly relax.

The interior is a seductive fusion of ‘fresh air’ spaces and rich evening cocooning.  Materials used include slate, oak, American walnut, glass and dark limestone; deep brown and black mosaic tiles line the pool and wet areas and low mood lighting and candles give a sensual, exotic flavour.  Furniture is in unexpected organic shapes with tactile textures, and includes curvy aubergine fabric loungers and wooden day beds. Warm spiced aromas fill the air.  Spaces include six treatment pods, a water garden with therapy pool, an earth, fire and water pod, two lounge areas (one wet and one dry), a pergola for hand and foot therapies and an emporium space where guests are able to buy Molton Brown products.  Molton Brown signature sorbets are presented at the end of the therapy in your pod to awaken you.

The Therapies

The spa menu aims to restore the natural state, restart the self and inspire with a blend of adventurous and experimental therapies.  Wild nature is tamed, ingredients are invasive and pure, treatments are quixotic and therapeutic.  Molton Brown has created a range of luxurious services and journey packages exclusively for the Killarney Plaza Hotel spa including two hero therapies detailed below.  Heaven one day spa passes are also available.


Molton Brown earth, fire and water

Step into this dedicated space and prepare to emerge with an altered reality.  One of a series of unique ‘pods’ created exclusively for Molton Brown concept spas, chic urban space reminiscent of living space, with sofas, armchairs and table lamps.  Body boosting, detoxifying and skin brightening, this journey is all about the self: it begins as you enter a cosy relaxation space lit by an open fire; slip out of your clothes before entering the earthspace, the inner chamber where a collection of conditioning fossil muds awaits.  A sequence of dry heat, essential oil infused steam and light therapy fills the room as you apply the muds, relax into a lounger, let your pores open and your mind become at peace.  Before coming back into the world, take a private shower in the pod and slowly re-adjust in the relaxation space. 

30 minutes   45 euros

Gulfstream Underwater Therapy

Our gulfstream hydrotherapy pool in the centre of our water garden is an unforgettable experience and is at the heart of all our treatments.  It leaves you rejuvenated, deeply relaxed and free of aches and tension.  Submerged multi-levelled jets massage key points of the body, from the soles of the feet to the base of the neck to flush toxins, dissolve tension, firm and shape the body while leaving you completely relaxed and energised.

30 minutes   40 euros