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Bangkok Airways Chooses Galileo

Bangkok Airways has selected Galileo to extend its domestic flight e-ticketing to the Singapore market. Galileo is the first GDS to provide e-tickets on domestic flights for Bangkok Airways in Singapore. This is the second time in recent months that Bangkok Airways has chosen Galileo to launch a service enhancement. In April, when Bangkok Airways became Thailand’s first airline to offer domestic e-ticketing in its home market through the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), it selected Galileo to commence this e-ticketing initiative.

“The fact that Bangkok Airways is working with Galileo to extend the availability of e-ticketing overseas underlines that we have established an excellent working relationship with this rapidly growing regional airline,” said Mark Rizzuto, Managing Director (Asia), for Cendant Travel Distribution Services (TDS). “We listened carefully to this customer’s requirements and spared no effort in delivering what the airline was looking for. Bangkok Airways clearly understand the value of e-ticketing - both to their own business and to their customers.”

Peter Wiesner, Vice President Marketing, Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd, added: “This is the first time we have offered domestic flight e-ticketing overseas and Galileo have provided exemplary service and execution. We work extremely well with Galileo - they have been highly responsive to our needs. Thanks to Galileo, we have been able to move quickly and smoothly in extending the efficiencies of e-ticketing, on our flights within Thailand, to the key market of Singapore, where there is strong demand for travel to the Thai destinations we serve.”

Galileo recently helped Bangkok Airways identify travel agents in Thailand that were continuing to issue paper tickets for its flights. Galileo and the airline then conducted a one-day seminar that focused on the same agents as part of an initiative to encourage them to switch to e-ticketing.

Peter Wiesner added: “Extensive uptake of e-ticketing is an important business goal at Bangkok Airways. Our aim is to have 75% of our flights e-ticketed by the end of 2005 and we are confident we will achieve that target. Everybody benefits - our airline, the travel agents and their customers. A key advantage from our perspective is financial reporting, which is instant with e-ticketing but can take two months or even more with paper tickets.”