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Travel Website Launches Gap Year Safety Campaign is working with Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation - a charity set up after the tragic death of student Caroline Stuttle on her Gap Year in Australia during 2002. has supported the charity since September 2003 and is helping it promote travel safety awareness to young backpackers. 

The campaign emphasises the importance of staying in contact with family back home while travelling the world. It’s vital that young people abroad take practical steps to limit potential concerns experienced by their parents.

Tracey Davies, director of, comments: ‘All parents worry when their children are away. We want young travellers to think, at least once a week, about letting Mum and Dad know they’re OK. This is a simple request, but ever so easily forgotten.’

The campaign promotes the use of tools such as PlanetReunited’s TravelSlog - a specialist service that lets members contact all their loved ones for the price of one text message. The user-friendly service means travellers can keep in touch cheaply, from anywhere. 

Annually, tens of thousands of students take a Gap Year between A Levels and university: many seize this opportunity to see the world. The ‘Stay Connected - Stay Safe’ campaign encourages them to enjoy their travels while not forgetting about those back home. Although the underlying threat of terrorism isn’t discouraging the majority of young people from travelling, they should be aware of the situation and the anxiety it can cause. 


The ‘Stay Connected - Stay Safe’ campaign promotes awareness and offers safety advice, planning tips, and up-to-date traveller news from around the world. is promoting the campaign to students at gap year fairs throughout the country using online and offline methods.