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UK’s Bridget Jones’ Seek Shopping, Fun and Mini-Breaks Online

The latest research from Nielsen//NetRatings, the leading provider of Internet research and analysis, has uncovered a ‘Bridget Jones generation’ of female surfers, who turn to the Internet for their shopping, holiday and entertainment needs.Results show, women aged 30-39 have the highest affinity with the websites of high street retailers Next, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Argos and Boots. Like the heroine of the book, who spent a weekend on a mini-break with love rat Daniel Cleaver
Nielsen//NetRatings - Top sites for British Women aged 30-39


Littlewoods Index

Superbreak Mini Holidays

Marks & Spencer


HM Inland Revenue




The Bridget Jones generation are planning travel on Superbreak Mini Holidays, as well as using the event booking service Ticketmaster.Ê


However, unlike the fictional Bridget, the UK’s Bridget Jones generation don’t seem to be afraid of a bit of DIY with B&Q featuring at number 10 on the list of sites most likely to attract British women of this age profile.