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British Airways equips pilots with iPads

British Airways equips pilots with iPads

British Airways is equipping its 3,600 pilots with iPads to further improve customer service and operational efficiency levels.

The move, which follows the airline’s rollout of iPads across its cabin crew and ground operations teams, is part of the company’s £5 billion investment in new products and technology to provide the best possible flying experience for British Airways’ customers.

By having access to additional real-time operational data, shared with ground colleagues, pilots will be able to plan the flight more efficiently using the most accurate information available pre-departure.

This means flight crew can provide customers with faster and more accurate flight information than ever before.

“At British Airways, we’re always seeking innovative solutions to enhance the superior service our customers have come to expect from us,” said Mervat Alfy, British Airways commercial manager in Egypt.

“Technology and aviation go hand-in-hand and we’re looking forward to exploring the various ways this latest operational advancement will benefit both our BA team and our valued customers.”

With the latest operational updates customers will be better informed and able to make plans if their flight time has changed for any reason.

Pilots will also be able to use historic and current data, supplied by the customer, to provide an even more personalized service during the flight. British Airways’ director of flight operations, Captain Stephen Riley said: “As pilots we want to deliver a safe and memorable experience for each and every British Airways customer, on every single flight.

“The iPads will help us to achieve this goal by giving us the means to provide a more personalised service and share more timely flight information with our customers and colleagues.”