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American Cruise Lines announces plans for new fleet of modern riverboats

American Cruise Lines has announced its plans for the construction of a new fleet of modern riverboats, which will add a new dimension to river cruising in the United States, and a wide selection of new river itineraries throughout the country.

The concept for the new riverboats will differ from that of the line’s existing paddlewheelers and coastal ships by offering a more contemporary approach to their design. Modern exteriors and spacious, elegant interiors are planned.

The new riverboats will feature open deck plans to allow for maximum exposure of natural light and unobstructed viewing for guests.

Glass-enclosed lounges with panoramic views, spacious, well-appointed staterooms with large, furnished balconies, and a variety of outdoor public spaces are planned.

Additional details on the line’s future expansion, including new designs and artists’ renderings of the new riverboats, and newly-introduced itineraries in additional regions of the United Stats, will be announced in the coming months.

American Eagle

The new-design riverboats are in addition to the Victorian-style riverboats American Cruise Lines is currently building, which include the American Eagle, a new paddlewheeler for the Mississippi River nearing completion at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, Maryland.

The construction of the latest paddlewheeler recently moved into its final stages. Currently in final outfitting, the interior is well underway with carpeting and furniture soon being installed throughout the ship.

All sliding glass doors leading to the private balconies are in place and exterior painting is just about complete.

In recent weeks, all the electrical was installed, while installation of the paddlewheel, wood work trim and other architectural details are up next to bring the period interior and exterior to life.

The American Eagle, which enters service in the spring, will carry 150 guests in the most spacious staterooms available on any Mississippi riverboat.

Of the 84 staterooms, 78 feature large private balconies, all of which have sliding glass doors for optimal views and enjoyment.

The new riverboat will offer all the amenities today’s travellers expect, while maintaining the elegance of classic late 1800s riverboats.

More Information

American Cruise Lines is the largest US cruise company and operates the newest fleet of riverboats and coastal cruise ships on more than 35 itineraries around the country.

The line is known for working closely with guests and travel agents before, during, and after a cruise to create a highly personalised cruise experience.

Long established and deeply experienced in cruise travel, American Cruise Lines has most recently received world-wide recognition as the first line to revive paddlewheel river cruising in America.