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Airlines doing it differently: Skyscanner investigates

Airlines doing it differently: Skyscanner investigates

When stewardesses at Cebu Pacific Air “souped-up” their safety demonstration by dancing to Lady Gaga, the video went viral receiving over 150,000 views on YouTube in less than a week and worldwide media coverage. And in an effort not to be outdone by their female colleagues, male flight attendants at the same airline put together a somewhat cringe-worthy piece of choreography to the aptly named ‘Safety Dance’ song by Men Without Hats.
Flights comparison site reveals how moreairlines are doing things differently in an attempt to set themselves apart in the highly competitive aviation industry.

The Safety-Briefing Rap
Cebu Pacific certainly weren’t the first to use music to spice up safety announcement; in 2009, air steward ‘David’ from US based Southwest Airlines wowed travellers with his ‘safety announcement’ rap where he succeeded in getting passengers to ‘stomp and clap’ along to the beat.

Bmi has coined a whole new phrase with their ‘enterplanement’ programme of in-flight shows from performers that showcase the best of a destination. Designed to both entertain and inspire passengers to see and do things they may not have originally planned,the programme kicked off on flights to Prague this August, where members of the Prague State Opera performed at 30,000ft for passengers.

Inflight iPads
Australian budget airline Jetstar recently announced plans to rent out iPads to passengers allowing them to watch movies, television, games whilst onboard.The iPad move allows the airline to make extra revenue on entertainment without the expense of having to install seat back TV systems.The airline operates domestic routes as well as flights to Australia to and from New Zealand, Thailand and Singapore.

Stripping for Safety


In attempt to get passengers to pay attention to their safety briefs, Air New Zealand created a safety video in which cabin crew appeared naked. Those on flights to New Zealand can watch both male and female staff feature in the video with body-painted uniforms and strategically positioned lifejackets, seatbelts and oxygen masks, to preserve their modesty.

Airborne Aerobics

And finally, Air Jamaica introduced a novel way of keeping passengers both entertained and healthy by offering inflight aerobics sessions for those on flights from London to Jamaica.