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Airbus to boost A321 capacity in Toulouse

Airbus to boost A321 capacity in Toulouse

Airbus has revealed it will create new A321 production capabilities at its site in Toulouse.

The move is part of a strategy to keep the overall production system at the leading edge of technology.

By mid-2022 the current A380 Lagardère facility in Toulouse will accommodate a digitally-enabled A321 line as a step to modernise the A320 production system.

The new facilities will provide more flexibility for A321 production, while keeping the overall single aisle industrial capacity in Toulouse flat.


“We are enjoying an unprecedented high demand for our winning A320neo family and especially its A321 Long Range and Xtra Long Range derivatives,” said Michael Schoellhorn, Airbus chief operating officer.

“In order to optimise the industrial flow, we have decided to increase our global A321 production capacity and flexibility as well as to establish a next generation Final Assembly Line in Toulouse.”

Currently, the only European final assembly line to assemble A321s is at Airbus’ Hamburg site.

In addition, the A321 is also being assembled and delivered from Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Toulouse was selected for several reasons such as: overall competitiveness, time to market, investment cost, available floor space and resources, Airbus said.