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airBaltic builds use of sustainable aviation fuel

airBaltic builds use of sustainable aviation fuel

airBaltic increased the amount of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) used in its operations by a fifth last year.

This has been achieved in cooperation with Neste and other fuel providers on the airBaltic network.

The collaboration with Neste started recently when airBaltic fuelled the first flight using an allocation of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Martin Gauss, chief executive of airBaltic, said: “Our vision sees us becoming a sustainable carrier in the EU aviation market.

“At airBaltic, we believe that SAF will play a crucial role in ensuring the future of the aviation industry and help everyone involved to decrease their impact on the environment.


“Our use of SAF will increase further in 2022 and beyond.”

On December 28th, airBaltic flight BT302 from Helsinki to Riga was performed with an allocation of 37 per cent of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel and 63 per cent of conventional fossil jet fuel.

It was thus far the highest proportion of SAF used by airBaltic in a single flight.

Tuomas Kulola, head of sales at marketing and services, Neste, added: “Neste is committed to help the aviation industry to reach its climate goals. We have developed a drop-in solution that is readily available and provides an immediate solution for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of flying.

“All solutions are needed, and every step is important.”