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Accor Launches Global Partnership with Captain Cause, Enabling ALL Members to Donate Loyalty Points

Accor Launches Global Partnership with Captain Cause, Enabling ALL Members to Donate Loyalty Points

Following a successful pilot in France, world leading hospitality group Accor has launched an international partnership with Captain Cause, a mission-driven company that supports organizations with a social or environmental purpose. All over the world, members of ALL – Accor’s loyalty program – can now easily use their Reward points to support causes close to their hearts. Once donated, their points are monetized and paid to organizations involved in the two areas that Accor supports every single day – Nature and Society. Members will also be able to support victims of humanitarian disasters. For many years, the Group has been strongly committed to supporting its local communities.

The international roll-out in December 2023, with the release of the global platform – available in both French and English – underlines Accor’s ambition to have a large-scale positive impact. The projects will be expanded by region over the course of 2024, and additional languages will be added to improve accessibility. To date, more than 3 million points have already been spent in support of 9 organizations and feedback from customers has been unanimous – these donations have a tangible impact. The initiatives include donations made to numerous projects, such as access to clean drinking water in Cambodian villages, reduction in the use of plastics, and protection of biodiversity. Through its loyalty program, Accor guarantees that 100% of member donations go to the recipient organizations and that Accor does not receive any commission or tax exemption, thereby ensuring that every euro donated contributes directly and fully to supporting the selected causes.

The creation of helps to strengthen the customer relationship with ALL and Accor, satisfy member expectations regarding how their points are spent and act as a concrete embodiment of Accor’s commitment and vision. The suggested organizations have been chosen based on various criteria, including their short- and long-term impact. More than just having the opportunity to select their preferred projects, members will be able to follow the progress and realization of the projects.
Brune Poirson, Accor Chief Sustainability Officer, commented, “With Captain Cause, we are sharing the belief that companies have an important role to play in helping to provide solutions to environmental and social challenges. This initiative represents a powerful lever to involve our customers, by giving them a tangible role in helping to achieve our sustainable transformation, while offering them the chance to make a practical contribution at their own level. A 21st century company must be built on working together and contributing to making a positive impact.”

Alix Boulnois, Accor Chief Digital Officer, added: “our customers aspire to a more sustainable future. It is our responsibility to design solutions that meet these changing needs. By offering our ALL members the opportunity to use their points for causes dear to their hearts through our digital platforms, we are redefining how digital can be a positive force for change.”

Frédéric Mazzella, cofounder of Captain Cause, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “Donating your loyalty points to good causes is a simple, powerful and memorable act. Every ALL member can now do this in just a few clicks using Captain Cause technology and choosing from our selected organizations. We are proud to support Accor as a pioneer of more responsible marketing. I am also delighted that Brune Poirson has joined our Impact Committee, which we have created to conscientiously develop our strategy for collaborating with organizations. Since the very first day, financing the transition and involving as many people as possible have been our priorities at Captain Cause.”