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Why Travel to Study?

Why Travel to Study?

There are many reasons to study for your degree abroad or at least in a different state from your hometown. Students choose to travel for their studies for various reasons, including getting the opportunity to experience new cultures, make new friends, and to enhance their education. Additionally, many employers look favorably on candidates who have studied away from home. Read on for our top reasons to travel to a new city for your degree studies.

You get to travel!
Choosing to study in a different state or country has one very obvious advantage – you get to travel! If you enjoy visiting new places and exploring unknown territory, studying in an unfamiliar place could be great for you. Furthermore, studying in a new town means you also have access to yet more places near to that new town. For example, you could study architecture in London and enjoy a weekend trip to Paris. Or, study at one of the many midwifery schools in Texas, and cross over to Oklahoma for a vacation. Traveling to study allows you to see parts of the world that you may not usually have access to.

Get to know a new city
Anyone can boast that they’ve sat on a beach in Miami. But, not many of them can name the top five tapas restaurants in the city or the quickest way to get across town to the airport. While studying in a new area, you will become a local in a new place. You’ll learn about its hidden gems, and it will soon become like a second home to you. Once you’ve moved past the sight-seeing selfie stage, you’ll blend in with the rest of the locals and can offer advice to other students coming into the area.

It’s impressive on your resume
Traveling to study can actually make you more employable. Including this detail on your resume suggests to prospective employers that you’re an experienced, world-savvy, and, therefore, good candidate. It implies that you’re confident, bold and personable, happy to meet and interact with new people in new environments. This is a great advantage to studying abroad or away from your home city.

You’ll have independence
Most college students think they are independent and that they are in control of their lives. Realistically, however, if your hometown is only a couple of hours’ drive away, you’re never forced to stand on your own two feet. Moving further afield, such as to the other side of the United States, or across the Atlantic to Europe, will force you to be truly independent. Starting afresh in a new town can allow you to carve out exactly the life you want while you study for your degree.

You’ll learn more
Studying in a new city will not only expand your mind intellectually, but you’ll also learn how people do things in different places. Even moving from New York to Alabama can expose many cultural differences that you’d never considered previously. If you’re thinking about embarking on a new course of study, you’re probably the type of person who enjoys learning about new lifestyles and cultures.