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Planning a Tanzania Holiday

Planning a Tanzania Holiday

Tanzania is a country like no other. Given that it has so much variety centred around high mountains and a beautiful coast, it is useful to plan your trip well so that you’re prepared for all it has to offer. One of the major attractions in Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro. When you’re getting ready for the trip, I highly recommend that you read Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro - the Only Guide You’ll Need.

You’re probably looking at the calendar thinking: “How much time will I need for my holiday”?
The diversity Tanzania has to offer means you might need a little more time on this trip: If you’d love to combine the trip with other activities such as a game safari to see some of the big 5 members of the animal kingdom and possibly to see the coastline and Zanzibar, you probably want to look at anything between 10 and 14 days since climb alone, can take between 4 and 10 days depending on which route you take. Let’s take a peek at just some of the amazing options you have: The spectacular Serengeti park is nearby where you can see Wildebeest migration, Lions, Giraffes and many other wild animals really close up and in large numbers. The Tarangire national park is also gorgeous with more than 300 bird species – and then there is the Ngorongoro Crater which is an active volcano with a lot of wild life in the vicinity. Off course you may also want to head to the coast for a few days to experience Zanzibar island which is a tropical spot with scuba diving, fishing and spectacular beaches.

More on preparing to climb Kilimanjaro:
Many people climbing Kilimanjaro are not professional climbers, but adventure seekers who want to say that they climbed the highest free-standing mountain in the world. That’s why it’s great to consult an authoritative resource before the trip. Things to think of during the planning could include the route – there are many routes and you’d want to make a reservation to secure a good guide, certainly insurance too so that you have adequate cover, equipment needs such as clothing, medical and other gear. Did I just say “gear”? Yes: unless you find an all-inclusive service, you want to go prepared with your own sleeping bag, water bottles, backpack and many other useful items. Whilst Tanzania is warm all year round, due to its high altitude, Kilimanjaro has snow and glaciers so as you climb higher, it will get colder. Your choice of clothing will be affected by your time of travel: at different times of the year, you will find different winds and rain at times so be sure to consult the guide on that.

What else should I know about Tanzania?
With around 4 million wild animals across the ecosystem, Tanzania has the largest concentration of animals in the world so get ready for impressive sightings and large numbers. Ever heard of tree climbing Lions? Lake Manyara National Park is the only place in the world where this is known to happen! Whilst Tanzania is one of the poorer countries in terms of GDP per capita statistics, it actually attracts affluent travellers: the type of world traveller who is looking for something special to add to their list of achievements. There is certainly no shortage of luxury hotels out there, with professional guides who are well versed with their local area and international tourism.
You will most likely travel far to get to Tanzania, but it will be worth it. Have fun also when you plan for your trip, looking at all the spectacular photos of nature – because soon you will be the one behind the camera!