Breaking Travel News Invites British Public To Help Name its Mascot Invites British Public To Help Name its Mascot, the UK’s award winning travel money comparison site, today officially announces the naming contest for their new mascot. Using the power of crowdsourcing, any Brit over the age of 18 can enter. One lucky winner who chooses the most popular name out of a shortlist of three will win £500 worth of foreign free foreign currency.

For full details of the competition, including how to enter, please visit:

The mascot naming competition comes at an exciting time for the company. Recently, the Co-Founders decided to relocate its entire company HQ to Tel Aviv for three months.

Daniel Abrahams, Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships said:

‘‘ We are so excited to use the power of crowdsourcing to help mould our brand identity.  It is a very exciting time for us as we grow and wanted to involve our most treasured asset, our visitors, who have helped us become the UK’s favorite travel money aggregator. In the midst of an opaque industry, we’re proud to save our community up to 12% on foreign currency. The savings made by comparing currency options make a big difference to Brits spending power abroad. This is our chance to say ‘thank you’ for helping make MyTravelMoney what it is today.’’

Stevan Litobac, Co-Founder & Head of Product said:

“We don’t often run competitions, but when we do, we love to involve our community! We see the little guy every day in the office and it’s heartbreaking not being able to refer to him better than “our little mascot”. Everyone in the company is buzzing about which name you will pick for him! It’s been a great ride for us here at MyTravelMoney, and we want you to be a part of it, let’s clean up this messy travel money space, and make it cheaper and better for us all!”

Philip Blackwell, Head of Design and creator of’s pig said:`

‘‘ This is a great chance for our visitors to play a core role in the ongoing MyTravelMoney story & brand identity. When creating our pig, I wanted to give it more charm, personality & character than a bland piggybank. Rather than somewhere you simply go to store money, pigs can also have a playful side. Brits can be frugally indulgent and is the key message we wanted to convey. It ties perfectly into our service of shopping around for a better currency deal. You can enjoy yourself but still being very smart and sensible with your money. Our pig needs a proper name & we hope you can help. “