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Breaking Travel News investigates: The Beach House, Roatán, Honduras
A stop-off at the Beach House is a highlight of any visit to Roatán, Honduras

Breaking Travel News investigates: The Beach House, Roatán, Honduras

Located in the West End district of Roatán, Honduras’ premier tourism destination, The Beach House is a boutique hotel featuring nine sumptuous suites.

Here Eleanor Hawkins visits for Breaking Travel News to find out more about this exotic destination.

The sky is already turning to milky pinks and yellows as I walk up the sun-bleached steps of The Beach House.

Tired from an afternoon of snorkelling on the reef – just a short swim from The Beach House’s front door - I’m back in time for a sundowner.

Settling in at the Landing Bar, I watch the sun dip below the horizon while enjoying a Beach House signature cocktail.

In the sea, I’ve seen squid, trumpet fish, rainbow parrotfish, and shoals of sergeant major fish - and I didn’t even leave the surrounding Half Moon Bay.

The gentle chatter of neighbouring tables wafts over as I enjoy a fresh ceviche appetizer followed by grilled shrimp tacos.

Turtles and dolphins have been spotted in their natural habitats, just a little further out.

The Beach House is popular with divers, many of who talk about the day’s adventures over dinner.

“We stayed here two years ago for our diving vacation,” Daniel, one of the American guests tells me.

“We didn’t even consider staying anywhere else, why would we?”

He’s right, I would come back to this place in a heartbeat; in fact I know I will have a hard time leaving when the time comes.

The Beach House is an nine bedded boutique hotel with a small bar/restaurant looking out to sea.

It has its own pier, complete with another seafront bar, and a white sandy beach just on the doorstep.

Each room is uniquely laid out to accommodate one-to-five people.

The Beach House has all the amenities you’d expect from a large five-star hotel – but none of the stuffiness.

Perhaps it is owner Kate Warburton’s British sense of style that makes me feel so at home at The Beach House.

But, then, so do the Americans and locals that I speak to, so it’s probably not that; and the décor is more The Hamptons than Hastings!

Previously a large restaurant, Warburton has transformed the distinctive yellow building over her five years of owning it, little by little; adding a new suit here, an outside shower there, and transforming The Beach House in to the elegant, homely boutique hotel that it is today.

There is no better sound to wake up to than the soft, rhythmic whoosh of warm Caribbean waters.

The Beach House is one of the few Roatán hotels actually on the beachfront and it takes merely seconds to get from my third floor room to the idyllic beach below.

Nothing beats taking a private outside shower in the 30 degree Caribbean heat.

During my stay I was in a Daydream suit and my third floor air-conditioned room looked out over the small bay and pier below.

Fresh white walls and crisp white linens sit complimentarily with dark wood floors and fittings, creating an understatedly chic ambiance.

The Landing Bar becomes lively on Saturday night, with a honeymooning couple, American divers, a local family and workers here for the season.

Just about everyone on the island is represented and there’s a real sense of welcoming community at The Beach House.

Relying primarily on word of mouth and social media, the property is already fully booked for some of the peak months next year.

Mainly attracting US and Canadian clientele, Warburton also welcomes guests who glimpse the hotel from their cruise trip and return time and time again.

Understatedly chic, The Beach House is the perfect balance between luxury and homeliness, no doubt helped by cat in residence, Pancake, who can be found lolling on your deck, always pleased to see you.

Thoughtful touches such as bikes and snorkels laying waiting for guests to borrow all add to the experience.

The concierge service can also make anything happen (within reason) for their guests.

What’s more, the Beach House is up for sale for a bargain $2 million if you wanted to purchase your own little bit of paradise.

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Located in the West End district of Roatán, Honduras’ premier tourism destination, The Beach House is a boutique hotel featuring nine sumptuous suites.

Each is right on the beach and overlooks Half Moon Bay.

Find out more about the destination on the official website.