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Breaking Travel News interview: Lucia Švecová, owner, Hotel FIS Jasná
Peter Vicen and Lucia Svecova, owners of Hotel FIS Jasná, celebrate a World Ski Awards win

Breaking Travel News interview: Lucia Švecová, owner, Hotel FIS Jasná

Having been recognised as one of the leading ski hospitality providers in Europe by the World Ski Awards, Breaking Travel News here chats with Hotel FIS Jasná owner, Lucia Švecová, about the prestigious title

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations - Hotel FIS Jasná has been recognised as Slovakia’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel by voters at the World Ski Awards. How does it feel to have won?

Lucia Švecová: It is a great pleasure and honour for us to be winners during this difficult year.

We are extremely thankful to all our employees, guests and friends for supporting us!

It is an important milestone for Hotel FIS Jasna to be the recognised for the fifth time as Slovakia’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel.


On the other hand, it is saddening that we cannot meet our colleagues at the annual World Ski Awards ceremony and exchange our experiences; however, this only makes us more excited for next year.

BTN: As you mentioned, this is the fifth year in succession the property has claimed the prestigious trophy. How useful are the World Ski Awards when it comes to promoting the hotel around the globe?

LS: This prestigious award is helping us grow our market expansion and increase the visibility of the hotel on a larger scale, as we have seen in the last years.

Being a family run hotel, we want to provide the best services focused on personalisation and create memorable experiences.

Winning this prize does not only give us assurance of it, but also facilitates to increasing our international presence.

BTN: How would you describe the mood in European ski tourism as we begin the season – is there much optimism the corner can be turned on the Covid-19 pandemic

LS: It is difficult to say at the moment, given that it is a matter of country regulations.

Slovakia is one of the European countries that adopted strict measures against the second wave of Covid-19.

Additionally, Slovakia will be in a lockdown until probably mid-November and we are unsure on whether the ski season will start as usual in December.

Our main priority is to create an environment where both our employees and guests feel safe at all times.

Therefore, we hope we will be able to welcome everyone in our beautiful hotel as soon as it will be possible and fully enjoy this winter season!

BTN: How about looking ahead to 2021 – what measures have you put in place to ensure the ski sector recovers as we move into next year?

LS: We are aware that our core values at the hotel are embellished by our team and the family focus.

Thus, we have been working hard to keep our team intact and not have personnel fluctuations.

Moreover, during the summer we have seen a steep increase in the domestic tourism, and a high return rate for loyal customers.

Given that we are focusing on creating memorable experiences and customer centricity, our guests will look very much forward to visit us again in their second home.

Our guests, after 12-years of operation, became our friends and our employees became part of our family.

Additionally, we have kept our online activity and marketing budgets unchanged in order to ensure continuous visibility for the ski sector.

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