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Customization is part of LEITNER’s standards

LEITNER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ropeway systems. LEITNERs’ product range includes detachable and fixed-grip gondola and chairlifts, as well as aerial tramways, funicular ropeways, material ropeways, inclined elevators, and surface lifts. The company is part of the High Technology Industries Group. LEITNER provides technological excellence worldwide in all kinds of areas of application, ranging from winter sports through to urban passenger transport.

What started with the founding of the company over 130 years ago still moves people around the world today. Thanks to their unique attributes, ropeways by LEITNER are the optimum mobility solution for a huge range of different requirements. One of the strengths of LEITNER is the production of tailor-made products on the principle that “customization is part of our standards”.

With four new installations, LEITNER, the internationally active ropeway manufacturer is making a significant contribution to sustainable modernization and increased comfort in the skiing hotspot Tyrol. From East Tyrol via the Kitzbühel Alps and the Zillertal, right up to the greater Innsbruck area. From next winter, a gondola lift and three chairlifts – all of them with the resource-conserving “LEITNER DirectDrive” and in an individual design – will provide a significant quality boost.


The comprehensive modernization will be started this year in Axamer Lizum. At the former Olympics venue close to the state capital of Innsbruck, a new gondola lift will be created over two sections up to the new top station, which is being built right next to the existing Hoadlhaus. The GD10 “Hoadlbahn” with 75 Diamond EVO 10-passenger gondolas comprises three premium stations with a Pininfarina design and runs over a length of 2,030 metres.

The DirectDrive developed by LEITNER will make an important contribution to even more sustainability, less maintenance and maximum noise reduction. From next December, the new “Hoadlbahn” will replace the “Schönbodenbahn”, built in 1991, and both of the fixed-grip 2-seater chairlifts, “Hoadl I” and “Hoadl II”.

LEITNER know-how is also being built on once again in the Zillertal tourism region. In the new Zillertal Arena, the new Kapauns 8-seater chairlift, including DirectDrive, will replace an existing installation from 1993. From December 2022, the new ropeway will lead up to the summit of the Übergangsjoch at 2,500 metres, thanks to the extended routing. Through the additional adaptation of the surrounding ski slopes, the new construction of the ropeway will make Zillertal’s largest ski resort noticeably more attractive, with its total of 147 kilometres of ski runs. With a journey time of approx. seven minutes, the new CD8C “Kapaunsbahn” will carry up to 3,000 people per hour over a stretch of nearly two kilometres.

Quality offensive in East Tyrol and a new ropeway to the “Top of Alpbachtal”
From next winter, a new 6-seater chairlift by LEITNER will provide maximum comfort in the St. Jakob Ski Center in the Defereggen Valley. The “Leppleskofel”, which travels up to nearly 2,700 metres above sea level, will become East Tyrol’s highest ropeway system and particularly impresses with its exclusive comfort equipment. LEITNER DirectDrive, heated premium seats and weather bubbles provide sustainable efficiency and relaxed transport in all weather conditions. With a journey time of under four minutes, the chairlift will carry up to 2,400 people per hours and thereby stand for the new quality offensive in the East Tyrol ski resorts. In combination with the new construction, the operators are investing in the expansion of the ski slope infrastructure at the same time: With the development of three new ski runs, the range of ski slopes will increase by a striking 25 percent.

From December 2022, the new “Hornbahn 2000” 6-seater chairlift in the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau will replace its predecessor, which was equipped with each of four seats. The modern, detachable ropeway carries up to 2,600 people over a length of nearly 1,100 metres with weather protection to the “Top of Alpbachtal” top station in under four minutes.

Thanks to the high-quality equipment, including LEITNER DirectDrive, heated seats and weather bubbles, the focus is consciously on “better instead of more” in the Alpbachtal. The replacement investment is not aimed at expansion, but rather, improving the quality of the mountain experience. This also includes the new “Top of Alpbachtal” attraction, which can be reached with the “Hornbahn 2000”. The new top station, including an observation tower, platform and modern premises, is intended to become a new center of attraction for the entire region.