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Breaking Travel News interview: Martin Bromley, general manager, Le Chalet Mont Blanc

Breaking Travel News interview: Martin Bromley, general manager, Le Chalet Mont Blanc

Having been recognised as a European hospitality leader by the World Ski Awards, Breaking Travel News here chats with Le Chalet Mont Blanc general manager, Martin Bromley, to find out more about the one-of-a-kind property

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations on your recognition by voters at the World Ski Awards as France’s Best Ski Chalet. How does it feel to have taken the prestigious honour?

Martin Bromley: It is truly a great honour indeed to win this prestigious award.

We were thrilled to have won World’s Best New Ski Chalet last year and to continue on to win France’s Best Ski Chalet this year is truly amazing.

The team and our partners and suppliers have really put in tremendous efforts since the beginning and I am extremely proud of everyone’s commitment to make Le Chalet Mont Blanc into what it is today.

BTN: Can you tell us a little about the property – what is it that caught the eye of voters?


MB: I believe the success is the building itself and our incredible team.

Our chalet has been built with materials locally sourced from within one kilometre of the site and is creatively constructed with clean lines and open spaces, to blend modern design, with the feel of a traditional wooden chalet.

The floor-to-ceiling windows provide uninterrupted views of the highest peaks in Europe and help bring nature right into the chalet.

The Chalet Mont Blanc Team is eagerly awaiting our clients when they arrive, ready to provide the warmest of welcomes and to help them relax from their journey.

The attention to detail provided by our staff is what helps us to gain and maintain the confidence of our clients.

We look forward to greeting these extended members of our family time and time again! 

BTN: How would you describe the mood in European ski tourism as we go into the 2020 winter season? Is there hope the corner can be turned on a difficult year for global hospitality?

MB: There is immense anticipation to see what the winter season will bring!

It has been widely reported that with goggles, gloves and masks, skiing is much safer against Covid-19 than other sports.

Chamonix offers hectares of on and off piste skiing and is ready for those eager to hit the slopes.

For many, I imagine they feel like they are in the blocks awaiting the shot of the starting gun.

And after being locked indoors for much of the year, breathing the fresh mountain air will bring a fantastic sense of peace.

The team at Le Chalet Mont Blanc is here to receive those ready to enjoy the wide-open spaces of this glorious mountain.

BTN: How useful will the World Ski Awards trophy be in getting your message out to the ski community in Europe and around the world?

MB: It’s absolutely critical, it shows we are on the world stage and we will prevail.

With so many destinations the WSA really harnesses a single identity to unite the world of ski and hospitality sectors and all the supporting business that keep this industry alive.

We are incredibly grateful to be recognized for our efforts in ski hospitality!

More Information

Le Chalet Mont Blanc is a chic and modern retreat, offering five floors of unrivalled excellence.

Within the 1,000m2 of living space are 12 executive-style bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.

Each bedroom has a balcony or terrace that is bathed in the longest hours of sunlight of any property in the Chamonix valley.

Find out more information on the official website.