Viceland takes to the skies with British Airways

Viceland takes to the skies with British Airways

British Airways is the first airline in the world to broadcast shows from the new lifestyle and culture TV network Viceland during their flights.

The partnership with VICE Media follows the successful premiere of its critically acclaimed channel launched earlier this year on SKY for UK audiences and its launch in the US and Canada, and brings its award-winning programming to a truly international audience.

Viceland features series examining every aspect of modern day culture, including music, food, technology, fashion and more, all geared towards young people.

Viceland’s specially selected content is now available in the air on British Airways’ long-haul flights, through its High Life Entertainment system.

A range of VICELAND programming on British Airways flights includes the VICE Guide To Film, Noisey, hosted by Zach Goldbaum, VICE World of Sports, Dead Set On Life, with Matty Matheson and Huang’s World, hosted Eddie Huang, with a wide range of more shows to come.

Troy Warfield, British Airways director of customer experience, said: “We are incredibly proud to partner up with Viceland to offer unique content to British Airways customers.

“Their specially selected content, designed for a millennial audience, adds a fantastic new option through High Life Entertainment for British Airways customers who want to see the world from a fresh and challenging perspective.”

Since launching earlier this year, Viceland programs have already won two Emmy nominations.

Led by co-presidents Spike Jonze and Eddy Moretti, Viceland launched in February 2016 in the US and Canada; the cable television network operated by VICE in partnership with A&E Networks in America and with Rogers Media in Canada.