United States relaxes Egyptian travel warning

United States relaxes Egyptian travel warning

Officials at the US state Department have downgraded the travel warning for citizens considering travel to Egypt, urging Americans to consider the risks rather than avoid all nonessential travel.

The security situation in Luxor, Aswan, and the Red Sea Resorts, including Sharm-el-Sheikh, is now considered calm, the State Department said.

However, the situation across Egypt remains “unpredictable and subject to change”, added a statement.

Travellers are warned “elements of the Egyptian government responsible for ensuring security and public safety are not fully reconstituted and are still in the process of being reorganised.

“Until the redeployment of Egyptian civilian police is fully restored, police response to emergency requests for assistance or reports of crime may be delayed.”

Most employees of the US Embassy in Cairo have returned, the State Department reported, and the embassy is resuming normal operations.

The State Department added travellers should remain in contact with their tour operators.

All airports, including the Cairo airport, are open and operating; commercial airlines report flight availability.