Tripbnb will donate 3% of travel profit to charity

Tripbnb will donate 3% of travel profit to charity

Tripbnb ( the world’s first online social travel marketplace has factored in a charitable aspect to doing business in the travel industry.  The company will be donating 2% of its total profits from bookings to Alzheimer’s and Cancer Research and 1% to new energy and technology entrepreneurial research.

Founder and CEO Wesley Baker, reports that he feels every company should find a way to give back to the community in which they do business.

“We want to support Alzheimer and Cancer research because both serve as an important part of family and daily lives, every family is touched in some way with Alzheimer’s which is highly underfunded or with Cancer that is getting so close to successful treatments so we will select each year a specific charities to donate to!”

“We want to support new energy and technology because this area struggles to find investment at early stage and the need for new fuels and environmental protection for future generations must be a priority, it is our job to look after the planet for the future and something Tripbnb feel very strongly about - we need to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by carbon gases”

Currently Tripbnb specializes in offering accommodations supplied by hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast and private rental owners.  Inventory could range from Safari accommodation in Tanzania at Ruaha River Safari Lodge to ranching accommodation at the White Stallion Ranch in Arizona or even staying in a Surf Camp in Morocco.


Baker reports that the Tripbnb website is currently in Beta mode and was launched during the late summer of 2012.

“Like any new business, in order to gain awareness we need to keep promoting our services and attracting new customers,” says Baker.  Tripbnb is poised to become the world’s most efficient way to travel. 

“We are offering extensive travel information like no other website on the market,” he said.