Saudi tourism poised for robust growth

Saudi tourism poised for robust growth

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expecting its tourism industry to achieve robust growth as a result of the active support of government in the development of 34,800 new hotel rooms in next five years.

The government has made huge investments to develop the sector in order to boost both religious and cultural tourism in the country.

The Saudi Commission of Tourism and Antiquities is constantly working to develop investment-related tourism programs and projects within the tourism industry.

These measures will not only improve the sector, but also enhance its ancillary services. Additionally, the SCTA also supervises the prices of the services provided, especially during the period of high demand that the Kingdom is currently witnessing.

Meanwhile, Elaf Group is contributing as per the directions of the SCTA to the development of the Saudi travel and tourism industry.

“Elaf Group is keen to make active contributions towards the development of the tourism industry as well as various travel and tourism initiatives undertaken in the Kingdom as planned by the SCTA.

“Aside from working towards the general development of tourism, the Elaf Group is also helping position Saudi Arabia as a priority destination for travellers eyeing tourism options in Arab countries,” said Ziyad Bin Mahfouz, president, Elaf Group.

Elaf Group is lending its proactive support to the travel and tourism industry of the Kingdom in order to attain the objective set by the SCTA as well as to establish a successful partnership between the government and the private sector.

The group is implementing the commission’s direction through various channels including investments in building hotels, operating and managing new hotels, offering premium services to tourists, and training and recruiting Saudi Nationals.