Ryanair to make customer service improvements

Ryanair to make customer service improvements

Seemingly tiring of the endless complaints about its customer service, low-cost airline Ryanair has confirmed it will make a series of improvements over the next six months.

First among the changes will be the removal of the ‘Recaptcha’ security code, which will be removed from the Ryanair.com website for individual bookings next week.

From next month customers who book directly on the Ryanair.com will be given a 24 hour grace period from the time of their original booking to correct any minor errors (i.e. spelling, names, or routings) made in their original booking.

This will not apply to bookings make through travel agents or screenscrapers.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said: “We are very excited at these significant improvements.”

Ryanair hopes the changes will allow it to grow the number of passengers it carries each year from 80 million to over 110 million.

In a pleasing development for those tired of being sold scratch cards as they try and sleep, the carrier also said it would operate ‘quiet flights’ prior to 08:00 and after 21:00.

There will be no PA announcements on these flights, outside of those required safety announcements.

Ryanair will also, kindly, allow passengers to bring a second small carry-on bag, such a purse, or duty free bag, onto flights from December 1st.