Lufthansa opens luxury lounge for pampered pooches

Lufthansa opens luxury lounge for pampered pooches

Lufthansa has raised the pet tourism luxury stakes several notches with the opening of a first-class lounge dedicated specially to pampered pooches and fluffy felines.

The new lounge at Frankfurt Airport promises to offer the same level of pampering to pets as their well-heeled owners.

Small animals can relax in their own boxes in the lounge while larger, exotic creatures are transported in the climate-controlled and pressurised cargo hold.

Lufthansa general manager Kai Peters said: “Our animal lounge provides individual care, professional expertise and an environment designed to ensure ultimate comfort for 14,000 household pets and 1,500 horses and wild animals annually.”

If a transfer or layover exceeds more than two to three hours, pets are sent to the animal lounge where they can unwind ahead of their flight.


Vets are on hand to ensure animals are happy and healthy, and keep them in a relaxed state of mind prior to the rigours of flying first class.

In its first week of operation, the lounge has already proved its worth paying for the best medical attention money can buy.

Kai Peters explains: “About thirty minutes before the plane landed, a dog started giving birth to several puppies.”

“A veterinarian from the animal lounge was called to the aircraft upon landing and the little puppies were safely delivered.”