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Local Cuisine Takes to the Skies with Lufthansa Group

Local Cuisine Takes to the Skies with Lufthansa Group

With a legacy of nearly 60 years connecting Japan with Europe, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group continue to strengthen their ties with the country by reintroducing local catering onboard flights from the Land of the Rising Sun to Europe.
In recognition of Japan’s deep and unique culinary heritage, Lufthansa began serving local Japanese cuisine onboard flights to/from Japan from October 2023. Travelers on Japanese routes can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes such as sushi, sukiyaki and soba as they travel via our Frankfurt and Munich hubs.

For example, customers aboard LH717 travelling from Tokyo to Frankfurt can enjoy Japanese meals, prepared masterfully by expert local chefs according to traditional recipes, in all cabin classes. Business class travelers can look forward to a specially curated gastronomical experience with a multi-course meal organized according to traditional Japanese culinary arrangements. Beginning with appetizers served in a kobachi and zensai to whet their appetites, the main course features an array of delicacies topped off with a comforting soup and konomono. Premium Economy and Economy passengers are also able to enjoy local Japanese meals on board. On First and Business class, dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients and served on fine ceramic tableware, taking the experience of a traditional Japanese restaurant to the skies. Without the need to preorder, passengers boarding flights to/from Toyo or Osaka are offered a choice of local catering options aboard all Lufthansa flights.

Similarly with Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines has also recently introduced local catering with passengers offered their choice of Japanese menu choices onboard flights to/from Tokyo. Passengers are advised to pre-book their local Japanese meals when travelling to/from Tokyo with SWISS.

With our renewed local catering concepts aboard both Lufthansa and SWISS, Lufthansa Group remains committed to embracing Japanese culture and reinforcing our long-standing ties with the country.