Hyatt new national survey redefines the Road Warrior

Hyatt new national survey redefines the Road Warrior

Today’s Road Warrior 2.0 is more productive than ever and fits in more time for fun and leisure while on the road, according to a new national survey from Hyatt Place, and conducted online by Harris Interactive®. Such multitasking can only come with help from new technology, on-the-road amenities and business savvy hotels like Hyatt Place – with more than 160 properties that are designed specifically for the modern day business traveler.

Renowned travel tech expert Katie Linendoll – a tried and true Road Warrior herself – has teamed with Hyatt Place to reveal findings on the modern day business traveler and provide tips on the best gadgets, amenities and innovations for making life easier on the road.

Road Warrior 2.0: The Modern Day Business Traveler

Getting the job done: 50% of those surveyed say that life as a business traveler is easier and more productive today than it was 10 years ago, thanks in large part to hotels and technology that keep travelers connected.
Mobile masters: When asked to choose between leaving home for a business trip without underwear or a smartphone, 64% of business travelers surveyed would rather leave their underwear at home.
On the go: 69% of business travelers surveyed say they travel the same amount or more for work than they did a few years ago. While today’s technology has not reduced their travel time, half of respondents report that business travel is easier than ever, seemingly in large part due to this new technology.
The boondoggle is back: The top perk of business travel is exploring new places: two-thirds of those surveyed agree that business travel provides an escape from everyday life and a sense of adventure. There’s also more time for fun: 69% find it easier to meet new people, and 59% find it easier to read a book, magazine or newspaper on the road.
Keep in touch: 70% of business travelers surveyed are in touch more often while on the road and spend more time each day communicating with friends and family while traveling for business versus at home (an average of 33 minutes versus 19 minutes per day).
Katie offers the following tips and tech recommendations to help the new business traveler become a mobile master, easily balancing work and play:

MBA (Mobile Business Accessory): A smartphone with GPS, hotspots and apps are essential when on the road for business. Try using apps like AroundMe to find your way around in new environments, or Camera ZOOM FX to create “souvenir” pics from your phone’s camera.
Fully connected: Look for hotels like Hyatt Place, which offers free Wi-Fi, 24/7 food options and smart integration of technology, to make it easy to work on the go.
Maximum productivity: Tablets are great for portability, but when it comes to work on the road, consider a lightweight laptop with a full keyboard to finish up documents.
Fun and functional: Portable gadgets, like a lightweight eReader, can keep you entertained without adding bulk to your luggage.
Looking good: Today it’s all about the trendy, business casual look – with a more relaxed environment, suits are no longer the standard. Slacks, polo shirts, and great summer dresses that can be fancied up with fun accessories are becoming the norm. When traveling, take all of this into consideration and choose comfortable clothes that are easy to pack and don’t wrinkle. Comfortable shoes that look great are also a must.
“Modern day business travelers expect more today, and hotels, mobile devices and amenities are constantly evolving to meet their needs,” said Linendoll. “Technology is smarter than ever and with a hotel like Hyatt Place, I never have to settle; I can take care of business, and have some fun along the way, too.”


Life on the Road

At the core of the Road Warrior 2.0’s lifestyle is Hyatt Place, a contemporary hotel designed with work-style and technology needs in mind. Created for the ebb and flow of busy, blended lives, Hyatt Place provides a perfect setting for multi-tasking travelers with comfortable, spacious rooms, contemporary decor, smart integration for technology, open spaces to work or socialize, and 24/7 food and beverage options.

“We understand the modern day Road Warrior and have designed Hyatt Place properties top to bottom with this person in mind,” said Kristine Rose, Vice President of Brands for Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield Suites. “We stay on top of business trends to ensure that we are constantly innovating and providing the very best experience for our guests.”

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