easyJet to offer Missed Flight Cover to passengers

easyJet to offer Missed Flight Cover to passengers

In a new agreement with Mondial Assistance, No Exclusions will offer UK customers of easyJet the opportunity to purchase Missed Flight Cover. 

Missed Flight Cover enables an airline passenger to continue on their journey, with an immediate option (at the airport) of a new ticket on the next available flight at no additional cost, or the choice of a full flight refund.

Recent consumer research commissioned by No Exclusions identifies that a significant proportion of travellers have an inherent fear of missing their flight. 

Last month an independent survey (conducted by One Poll June 2012) also highlighted passenger concern about arriving on time at the airport, with 71 per cent of respondents claiming to sleep restlessly, or not at all, before a morning flight. 

Across the UK, an average 43 per cent of passengers say they will even consider staying at an airport hotel in order to alleviate this travel stress before flying.

New Missed Flight Cover should make their worries a thing of the past, offering a practical solution should passengers miss their flight. 

With a completely unique approach to claims handling, passengers are offered immediate assistance at the airport, at no additional cost. 

The policy is simple to understand, with no exclusions, excesses or claims paperwork. 

It also covers the cost of any flight related services such as reserved seating, speedy boarding, hold luggage, credit card and booking fees.

Simply by registering their claim at the airline Sales Desk at the airport within four hours after the (missed) flight’s scheduled departure, the policyholder will receive immediate assistance to re-book their flight or obtain a refund.

Missed Flight Cover is available at just £7.50 single flight or £9.50 return, alongside a flight booking on easyJet.com.

Andrew Lothian, No Exclusions’ chief executive commented: “We are extremely proud to have designed and developed Missed Flight Cover and are thrilled that easyJet will be the first airline to launch the policy. 

“We believe it provides an innovative and effective solution to a proven passenger concern and are confident that uptake will prove popular.”