Dominica embraces social media networks to entice travellers

Dominica embraces social media networks to entice travellers

Dominica, the Caribbean’s ‘Nature Island’, is utilising social media networks to interact with residents and visitors and introduce the island’s culture and attractions to potential travellers.

A facebook group launched in January 2010 has secured over 1,000 fans in its first three weeks, while more than 800 people are following the tourism authority’s official Twitter stream.

A series of mini-documentary videos has also been specially commissioned by the Dominica Tourism Authority to form the basis of a new YouTube site,

discoverdominica. The videos focus on highlighted aspects of the island including:

  * Responsible Tourism – Information on how Dominica preserves its unique character and how tourism contributes to local communities


  * Carib Culture – An insight into the Caribbean’s last indigenous Carib Indian population which, resides in Dominica

  * Hiking – An overview of the island’s trail network including details of the Waitukubuli National Trail, currently under development

  * Creole cookery – Preparing a traditional dish using typical ingredients

Other videos on the site provide an overview of the island’s history, activities plus cultural highlights such as local music.

“The internet is a prime place to research travel, so we want to ensure that Dominica’s voice is heard alongside those of our competitors,” comments Colin Piper, director of tourism at the Discover Dominica Authority. “We are only a small island – we do not have the means for global advertising campaigns, so social media offers us an ideal platform to reach potential travellers. Most importantly, we are developing a dialogue between those who know the island and those who may not - this word of mouth has incredible impact.”

Local businesses and tourism providers are encouraged to submit information or link to the social media channels. They also have access to all the video content to further enhance their own websites and products by offering further background on what Dominica has to offer as a destination. A hotel looking to attract keen walkers, for instance, may embed the hiking video to give travellers an idea of the nearby scenery.

UK editorial websites are also being given access to these video files. To request download links for video files, please contact The Saltmarsh Partnership using the details below.

To further explore Discover Dominica’s social networking outlets, click on the following links:




For general tourism information on Dominica, please call 0800 012 1467 or see