Cruises appealing to the younger generation

Cruises appealing to the younger generation

When some people think of passengers on cruise ship, they conjure up a picture in their heads of blue rinse old ladies or maybe their grandparents settling into a deckchair. However the latest vessel by Celebrity Cruises, the Equinox is starting to attract the attention of the 30s to 40s age bracket according to their president, Dan Hanrahan. He suggests that it may be due to the much styled design aboard the ship.

The design is said to resemble high end contemporary which has attracted the younger generation toward it as it has never been seen on cruise ships before. It can cater for 2,850 passengers and has many hidden personal spaces where people can feel relaxed and alone.

Designers for the cabins used the woman’s point to decorate and furnish as they believe that they make the holiday decisions. Around 80 per cent of the cabins all have balconies and there is also a flat screen TV for the man with internet access available.

Dining and socialising on the ships is second to none and it is much the same as you would expect from any restaurant in the UK. The bars have plenty of space to move around so you are not cramped up next to someone you do not know. There is also a very large choice of restaurants to dine in that offer dishes from around the world.

The ship looks set to bring a whole new younger generation to the idea of cruising for their holidays.