British Airways to use Sabre`s new agency remuneration software

British Airways is to be the first European airline to take advantage of

Sabre Compensation Manager,  a dedicated tool that will automatically

calculate and apply the agency booking payments which are part of its new

agency remuneration scheme.
The product,  which will be introduced by British Airways on 1 April 2001,

will help travel agents in the United Kingdom make the switch to the new


scheme,  by ensuring the correct assignment of British Airways` booking

payments   at   the   time of ticketing ?  eliminating inconsistencies,

inefficiencies and conflicts.
Compensation   Manager   will   assess   every British Airways ticketing

transaction   done   by travel agents utilising Sabre.  It will then

automatically calculate and apply the correct booking payment amount for

each validated ticket.  The process is seamless with no new formats for

agents to learn.
Chris Kroeger,  Sabre`s senior vice president for Europe, the Middle East

and Africa,  said:  “Sabre Compensation Manager will be an invaluable tool

for both British Airways and travel consultants.  The product significantly

streamlines the management of British Airways` new compensation process,

saving both parties substantial time, effort and expense”.
Tiffany Hall,  British Airways,  head of UK & Ireland sales, said: “We

believe that Sabre Compensation Manager will make the switch to booking

payments as smooth and easy as possible for agents, as there are no new

entries or processes for them to learn”.
This product is available and would be useful to any airline who wants to

manage either their current agent remuneration programme more efficiently

or to introduce a new agent compensation plan. American Airlines and United

Airlines have also signed up for this new Sabre product from the first

quarter of 2001.