NBC News Senior Executive Guy Pepper Joins ByeByeNOW.com as CEO

ByeByeNOW.com today announced Emmy award winner Guy Pepper joined the company as Chief Executive Officer. Known for developing the brand, creative look, consumer direction and launch of CNN, MSNBC, and all NBC News programs, including Dateline NBC, Later Today, and the Today Show, Pepper will lead ByeByeNOW.com to become the premier resource and marketplace for leisure travel information and e-commerce. Prior to today’s announcement, Pepper was Senior Director and Special Advisor to the President of NBC News responsible for the network’s domestic and international news programming on broadcast, cable and the Internet.
“Guy has been responsible for implementing some of the most significant changes in broadcast television - always taking the medium one step further,” said Reese Schonfeld, co-founder of CNN and the Food Network and board member of ByeByeNOW.com. “No one is better qualified to merge broadband and the Internet, while providing consumers with entertaining content. There are three components necessary to a successful Internet venture: clicks, bricks and promotion. Guy brings all three to ByeByeNOW.com and more.”
“Guy has always been a mover and shaker in the new digital economy since its infancy. He is the ideal candidate to position the company as the leader in the worldwide travel industry,” said Gerry Parker, Chairman of the Board of ByeByeNOW.com and a founding member of Inktomi Corporation, a publicly traded high-tech company.

Pepper’s announcement signals a trend of top media executives undertaking Internet ventures. The difference is Pepper pioneered new media and the convergence of television and the Internet in 1996 when he played a key role in launching MSNBC—the first news organization to embrace three media technologies - broadcast, cable and the Internet. Pepper collaborated on the design of MSNBC.com, as well as all prime time MSNBC programs.
Pepper is considered the visionary behind the successful “NBC Experience,” the 20,000 square foot retail attraction located at Rockefeller Center in New York City. He conceptualized the theme, designed and launched the high-tech store, which includes the first-ever three screen high-definition (HDTV) theater.

“Guy brings a solid understanding of the importance of combining traditional and new media platforms, infrastructure and broadband, the best of both worlds together for a complete customer-focused, interactive experience,” said Tom Conlan, founder of ByeByeNOW.com. “He commands the vision and business acumen necessary to successfully brand ByeByeNOW.com as the place for people to go to take care of all their leisure and travel needs. He strengthens our management team exponentially and we welcome him to our family,” added Conlan.