Wayport and Verizon Announce Wi-Fi Agreement


today announced a roaming agreement with
Verizon Wireless that will enable Verizon Wireless customers to access
Wayport`s nationwide neutral-host high-speed Wi-Fi wireless network.

“Wayport`s proven expertise in providing Wi-Fi services makes us a
natural alliance for Verizon Wireless,” said Dave Vucina, CEO of Wayport.
“Verizon Wireless customers will gain immediate access to hundreds of
Wayport`s partner locations that offer Wi-Fi connectivity nationwide.”

Wayport will provide Wi-Fi access to Verizon Wireless customers in
Wayport-enabled hotels, airports and retail locations and also assist in
providing network monitoring and technical support. As Wayport continues its
aggressive network expansion efforts, Verizon Wireless customers will be
able to use the service at additional locations.
Wayport`s current and
future partner locations will benefit from the additional customers Verizon
Wireless will drive into their locations, providing another opportunity for
increased usage.

“Coverage, speed and simplicity are the top priorities when considering
selecting a wireless data service provider - and this latest initiative
combines the nation`s largest and best wireless network with Wayport`s
hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots located in frequently traveled locations like
airports and hotels across the country,” said John Stratton, vice president
and chief marketing officer of Verizon Wireless. “This agreement with
Wayport supports our efforts to offer flexible pricing options, one simple
bill, network monitoring and customer support to best meet the needs of our


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