Galileo Announces Eight New E-Ticketing Activations

Galileo International
has announced
two significant developments in airline participation. Its implementation of
Interactive Sell(TM) with Korean Air and Thai Airways means Galileo-connected
agents can now sell flights in real time on 200 carriers - or some 40% of the
more than 500 airlines it currently represents. Additionally, its latest
electronic ticketing activations with eight major airlines has significantly
extended Galileo`s e-ticketing customer base in Asia Pacific. Both these
developments add value for travel agents and lower the cost of sale for

Caption: Janie Kaung, executive vice president and managing director of
Galileo`s Asia Pacific region

The decision by Korean Air
and Thai Airways
to deploy Galileo`s
Interactive Sell allows agents to make real-time bookings with the airlines.
This enables agents to offer instant confirmation to passengers. Additionally,
the airline will give its own reference/confirmation number to the agent,
providing further reassurance in this respect and avoiding overbooking.

Airlines benefit from Interactive Sell because it enhances yield
management. For instance, when demand is low, real-time booking provides the
airline with ample opportunity to sell every last seat and reduce the
likelihood of empty seats when the aircraft takes off. This is integral to an
airline`s ability to maximize revenue earned on each flight. Prior to taking
Interactive Sell, both Korean Air and Thai Airways were already participating
in the Galileo(R) system through Interactive Display, a complementary

In addition to enhancing content through Korean Air and Thai Airways,
Galileo has also significantly extended its electronic ticketing capability by
activating e-ticketing with:

Airlines achieve immediate cost reductions with e-ticketing. The average
cost to an airline of a paper ticket is US$8 while an e-ticket costs as little
as US$1 according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
E-ticketing also improves an airline`s revenue accounting processes and
enhances customer service. Travel agents, meanwhile, value the ability to
offer greater freedom and efficiency to travellers.


“Our business strategy is to add value for customers and help them cut
costs as a means of driving profitability - these new developments do exactly
that,” said Janie Kaung
, executive vice president and managing director of
Galileo`s Asia Pacific region. “Every time we enhance links to our suppliers,
or activate electronic ticketing, we are directly helping airlines reduce
costs or boost revenue while simultaneously enriching the content of Galileo
to the benefit of our 47,000-plus agency subscribers. These latest
developments help to underline why we are the leading GDS in the Asia

In the Asia-Pacific region, Galileo is supporting carriers with electronic
ticketing capabilities in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Japan and New
Zealand. Galileo is also seeking BSP certification to provide electronic
ticketing in other Asian markets such as Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.
Galileo distributes the inventory of all leading airlines and provides
agencies with access to airline functionality that either matches or exceeds
competitors in all major Asia-Pacific markets.

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