Sabre and SYNERGI Announce Marketing Agreement

Sabre Holdings and SYNERGI, Inc
. have announced a joint marketing agreement naming the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) as the preferred system used by SYNERGI for multi-national accounts. 
The agreement means that SYNERGI members will be able to manage multi-national accounts on a single GDS, resulting in improved efficiencies and data management.  Sabre will enable SYNERGI members to integrate a number of important travel documents.

“This marks a major step in the development of SYNERGI and our ability to provide seamless travel management service to our clients around the world,” said Greg O’Neil, president of SYNERGI.  “This is an aggressive, long-term partnership.  Sabre has taken the time to understand SYNERGI’s business structure, cultural diversity and our long-term goals. It provides the technology platforms we need to achieve our objectives, as well as the resources and commitment to create a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Driving international growth is one of the key objectives for both Sabre and SYNERGI.  “This partnership will open international opportunities for Sabre,” said John Stow, president of Sabre Travel Marketing and Distribution. 

The Sabre
system is already the primary GDS for SYNERGI companies in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

“Helping Sabre grow in Europe and elsewhere will be beneficial for both Sabre and SYNERGI,” said Michael Walley, managing director of The Travel Company, SYNERGI’s United Kingdom affiliate.  “This agreement will give us consistent products, enabling SYNERGI to offer clients the same services around the world.” 


Dan Green, chief executive officer of SeaGate/Advanced Travel Group, the SYNERGI affiliate in the United States, believes the single automation solution platform, while in its infancy globally, will be the end game for many multi-national corporations.  “This partnership with Sabre puts SYNERGI on the leading edge of that movement,” he said.

While Sabre will be the preferred GDS for consolidated accounts, SYNERGI affiliates will still be able to use other systems to meet local market needs or client requirements.
“Although affiliates can still use other systems because of the business dynamics of the various regions in which we operate, we are confident that the advantages provided by Sabre will help SYNERGI achieve its long-range goal of consolidating to one or two GDS systems,” Greg O’Neil said.  “Achieving that goal will set us apart from our competitors and provide customers with the efficiency and consistency they need to consolidate their global travel business.”

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