EUROREZ to Enhance Buzz Booking Features

EUROREZ has signed a partnership with Buzz
, the low cost airline to allow passengers to book tickets to events in the destinations to which it travels.
Each event includes a description of around 200 words, photos, seating plans and detailed information of how to get there. Moreover the passenger can select the date, the ticket category of his choice, and book immediately on line by submitting his credit card details and printing a voucher once his credit card is authorised. The voucher is exchanged at the box office for tickets.

Information on events, and the booking facility comes in English, French, German, Spanish and of course English - a godsend to multi-lingual sites such as airlines or travel portals.

“We create extra revenue for our partners as well as providing lots of attractive content for free and a really useful and unique service for their customers” says Fiona Lazareff, chief executive who is based in Paris.

Events, especially if they can be booked in advance, motivate travel. Eurorez sells everything from opera in Prague to pop concerts in Amsterdam, but it also sells the more mundane kind of stuff - tickets which enable time-conscious tourists to jump the queue to popular exhibitions, boat trips, airport transfers, even visas to Russia. The hottest selling items last week were tickets to the Rolling Stones in Amsterdam and to the opera in Prague.

The technology behind the website is so good that no full-time webmaster is necessary: journalists throughout Europe can type in their information from wherever they happen to be, in the language of their choice, as long as they have internet access (and a secret password), and the home page can be modified at the touch of a button; customized to the preferences of tourists from each country with a featured language. Finally event managers can add or withdraw seats/places to or from the system; providing they have their unique login in and password.